Solar Return + Year Ahead

Gain long term insights! This consultation includes:

  • 2+ Hour Consultation
  • Natal Chart 
  • Transits
  • Transit for the year ahead
  • Recording of the session
  • Insights + Tools for Life!


Natal Chart, Transits and the Year Ahead 

This consultation is the most in-depth of Sean’s current offerings.

Natal Chart

Sean pinpoints where the planets were at the exact moment you were born, unlocking the mystery behind your life purpose, your good fortune, your personal obstacles, and more! By understanding your unique cosmic blueprint, you grant yourself with the knowledge and power to make better choices.


Your natal chart in relationship to the current planets, asteroids and other objects. Transit consultations address your current opportunities and help you gain perspective.

Your chart and transits tell a story about your souls journey.

Sean will dive into your unique blueprint and explain the energies that are moving and stirring changes and evolution in your life today.
Your chart is like a road map and how you respond to these lessons is completely up to you. Sean can pinpoint timelines where obstacles and opportunities will become more prevalent.

Harness the power of your transits with valuable insights on how to utilize the energy you have available to you here and now. Understanding your natal chart and transits can bring a deeper level of understanding and help you love with more intention and awareness about key moments that grant your soul opportunities for growth.

The Year Ahead

A deep look at the transits of the year ahead. Approaching events, what you can prepare for and meet the upcoming moments.

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